Real Meal is the ultimate nutritionally complete meal designed to fuel your busy and active lifestyle! Packed with high-quality protein, carbs, healthy fats, superfoods, and over 30 essential vitamins and minerals, Real Meal is a delicious, convenient, and wholesome option for those on the go.

Although Real Meal isn’t your classic weight loss product, it can be handy when you need to limit and count your calories, just check the back of your tub or the nutrition information online to know exactly what macros you’re consuming.
If you burn more calories than you consume you’ll start to lose weight!

Yes this version of Real Meal is completely plant-based and contains no animal products.

Yes, Real Meal has been manufactured under strict conditions and has been approved by the World Halal Food Council (WHFC).

Yes, each serving contains over 40 g of protein.


Activ8 is our revolutionary carbohydrate drink designed to fuel your toughest workouts and optimize your physical fitness. Unlike ordinary carbohydrate sources, we've chosen Cyclic Dextrin for its unique properties. Not only does it provide fast digestion for quick energy, but it also delivers sustained fuel for vour muscles without harmful spikes or crashes, ensuring you perform at your best throughout your entire workout.
But that's not all - Activ8 goes beyond just carbohydrates. We've included 360mg of sodium from Himalayan pink salt, along with a full electrolyte profile, to replenish what your body loses through sweat during exercise, keeping you hydrated and performing at your peak.

Your muscles need carbohydrates to function, Activ8 helps you keep your carbohydrate and glycogen levels topped up to get you through even the toughest workout. We’ve also added a full electrolyte profile to replace everything that your body loses when you sweat, this is essential for those long, hard sessions.

No. Although activate is used by many runners, cyclists and swimmers it can also be extremely beneficial for weightlifting/powerlifting, yoga, pilates or even walking on a hot day!

The "8" in Activ8 represents the 8 pillars of physical fitness, including aerobic endurance, flexibility, local muscular endurance, speed, agility, strength, power, and BMI (Body Mass Index). Whether you're into yoga, running, lifting, or cycling, Activ8 is your ultimate workout companion, helping you sustain energy for a longer period of time and unlocking higher quality training sessions.